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People Cheap Nathan Peterman Jersey , particularly chess players themselves, say the darnedest things about chess and about chess players. Here are some of our favorite myths about the royal game. Some of these sayings are unquestionably off-target, some of them are uninformed opinion, and some of them are arguments that may or may not be valid.

1) Chess is hard to learn.

Chess may not be the easiest game to pick up, but it is far from the most prohibitive. You have to know the movements of the six pieces, where the object with the slightest significance, the Pawn, has the most complex moves. Then you have to learn the rules about attacking and defending the King, including castling. Then there are a few about games where neither player wins. One aspect of this myth is true ? it is hard, very hard, to learn to play chess well. One player in a hundred achieves mastery.

2) You have to be a genius to play chess.

There is some relationship between chess ability and general intelligence. A bare minimum of intellect is compulsory. Cats and dogs will never learn the basics; no one has tried teaching dolphins and chimpanzees. Chess does involve, after all, using various advanced compartments of the brain as efficiently as possible. People from all walks of life enjoy playing chess, several achieving mastery. Some very smart people enjoy playing but never progress beyond novice rank.

3) Chess is for nerds.

As a matter of fact, this isn't a myth Cheap Dion Dawkins Jersey , since chess is for everybody. It is for nerds, geeks, eggheads, and boffins, as usually as it is for anyone else. People who want to call other people unpleasant names should better say, 'chess is only for nerds', but this is decidedly false. Even if it were true, so what? Intelligent, awkward, quirky people have established more contributions to the development of society than have the rest. If they want to play chess, that's their concern

4) Computers play chess better than people.

In 2006, the finest computing machines played chess better than 99.99% of people, but are evenly pitted in contests against the top humans. If, as some experts consider, computers are attaining 20 - 30 rating points per year Cheap Zay Jones Jersey , the time will soon come when humans have no prospects of winning against the best machines. It should not be overlooked that computers are always trained by squads of human specialists who program them in psychological areas like opening repertoire. Removing this help would eliminate their excellence.

5) Chess is a sport.

Here we run the risk of displeasing the several prominent chess organizers who have exhausted years trying to prevail upon the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that chess should be admitted as an Olympic sport. Lifting little pieces of wood or clicking quickly on a computer screen is not physically challenging work. As any number of photos from recent high level chess events will show, chess players don't always cut a slim, trim, athletic profile.

6) Chess isn't a sport.

Here we attempt to make reparation with those very same organizers who nearly won over the IOC that chess is a sport. Chess has been included as a medal sport for the 2006 Asian Games. A contest between two top chess masters is full of tension, where superior nerves can establish the difference between a victor and a loser. Grandmasters have been known to lose a lot of weight during the course of a month-long match.

7) Women can?t play chess as well as men.

To date it is true that women have not performed as well as men in chess events. There are numerous conceivable reasons for this. One may be that male players are often expert at making female players feel uncomfortable at chess events. The Polgar sisters have gone a long way to convince the chess world that women can play wonderfully. Perhaps one day we will discover that women can even play better than men. No one truly knows.
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